No, certainly not. You can, for example, use an independent mortgage credit broker to calculate how much you can borrow. They compare the rates and conditions of different banks and insurance companies and choose the best solution for you.


Who sells mortgage loans in Belgium?

Who sells mortgage loans in Belgium?

You can go to two types of players: the bank or an independent credit broker. We list the differences for you.


Banks with their own offices

Think of most major banks in our country. They each have a large office network. At some banks, these offices are populated by clerks, while others work with independent banking agencies.

Independent credit brokers

Not only banks sell Falcon loans. Insurers and Falcon companies also do that. They usually work with independent credit brokers, such as Auxilina.


Who sells which products?

Who sells which products?

The key question is then whether your bank branch or credit broker is independent or not. Because that is how we ultimately arrive at three types of providers.


Banks with full exclusivity

The local branch manager of your bank can only offer the products of that bank. If the bank does not want to grant you a mortgage, your branch manager cannot help you. It’s that simple. Moreover, the fire and debt balance insurance are also from that same bank. Be very careful if you also have to take out both insurance policies with the bank to get a lower interest rate on your loan. Because don’t you pay too much for those insurance policies?

Sofas with semi-exclusivity

Some banks, which work with independent banking agents, do give those agents the freedom to take out insurance products with other partners. For example, you can sometimes get more attractive conditions or a lower premium for those insurance policies. The Falcon is always required to be subscribed to at its own parent bank.

Financial intermediaries with complete independence

Independent credit brokers work together with multiple partners for mortgage loans and insurance and always look for the best solution on the market for you. Auxilina is such an independent credit broker. You will find a Falcon office in your area here .